Außenansicht Schaltanlage für Netzersatzanlage mit KEA

Assured energy supply to assembly platforms

Special ships are used for the erection of wind farms in the seas. These can function as assembly platforms. Standard engineering practice across the board are jack-up platforms, which stand on four or six legs on the sea bed and in doing so raise themselves out of the water. From these stable platforms it is possible to erect wind power plants using cranes, or lay the requisite foundations.

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Two erection ships of this type were commissioned for a shipyard in Dubai. Specially tailored to the offshore wind power sector, the ships reach water depths of up to 45 m, and at a length of 130 m and a width of 39m they carry loads of a good 5,300 t. The main crane is able to lift loads weighing up to 800 t.

In February 2012 the first ship was launched and set off for its destination in the North Sea. The second project is currently under construction.

Kuhse delivers control technology for emergency power supply

To guarantee emergency power to the two ships, Kuhse was awarded responsibility for the emergency power supply to the Caterpillar unit with a capacity of 1700 kVA. The BCG controller from Stucke is employed for this. Kuhse additionally provided technical support to the commissioning process.

Within the scope of this project a particular challenge was posed by the technical acceptance by the classification society Det Norske Veritas.