Produktansicht Ersatzstrom-Automatik KEA 291

Control unit KEA 291 NSTR

Start-stop control unit for emergency power operation


The software covers:

  • mains voltage failure sensing,
  • starting of engine and changeover from mains to generator supply,
  • frequency control for island genset operation,
  • genset monitoring and protection,
  • sensing of mains voltage restoration, reconnection to mains supply and cooling-down/shutdown of the genset,
  • software for sprinkler mode acc. to VDS 2100-22

The control unit is fitted with the following facilities for monitoring of the assembly and the genset:

  • 3−phase voltage sensors for mains, 2-phase for generator monitoring, under- and over voltage, under- and over frequency and asymmetry of phases.
  • 10 externally connected alarm signals,
  • 8 alarms of the mains resp. generator voltage monitoring, programmable to alarms 1 to 10,
  • DC battery voltage monitor.

Technical Data



  • LEDs for display of fault signals
  • USB interface for parameterization
  • 10 LED indicators for the display of alarms or operation indicators

Analogue inputs

  • mains and generator voltage sensor, adjustable in steps of 1 volt.
  • mains and generator frequency sensor 45 to 65 Hz, adjustable 40 to 70 Hz, continuously (<0.1 Hz),
  • battery voltage monitor.
  • generator protection over current, short circuit.

Digital inputs, outputs:

  • 10 terminals for alarm signal contacts
  • 13 terminal for common signals
  • 10 outgoing relays, 7 of them can be programmed, max. contact load 35 volts DC, 1 A
  • Input for charging dynamo D+ with pre-excitation

Technical Data


  • Device for panel mounting, Dimensions (WxHxD): 260 x 170 x 80 mm,
  • Weight: approx. 2,2 kg, any installation position, Protection type (built-in) IP 44,
  • Ambient temperature:
    • Storage -20 °C ... +70 °C
    • Operation 0 °C ... +55 °C
  • Standards/regulations: DIN EN 50178.

Supply voltage

  • switchable: 9..12..15V DC or 14..24..35V DC.

Options Hardware

  • RS 485 port for coupling to a common control or GSM Modem for remote control

Coupling to Profibus, Ethernet and Modbus is possible via additional KNG module

Order Number

Product name: KEA 291 NSTR


Article-Number: 2A291N5000


Product overview