Ansicht der Steuerung KEA 202 und KEA 252

Control unit KEA 212-72 PA

replaces KEA 072 PA

Technical Data


Operating panel

  • Display for indication of fault signals, counter readings, analogue values and status signals
  • 4 LED indicators for the display of additional operation indicators
  • USB interface for parameterization


  • Sensors for bus bar and generator frequency 50 or 60 Hz, can be set to any value between 40 and 70 Hz.
  • Sensors for bus bar and generator voltage, 3-phase, 100-500V, Accuracy class 1.
  • 1 battery voltage monitor

Digital outputs

  • 3 relay outputs (n.o.), freely parameterisable, 24V 1A

Analogue in-/output

  • analogue inputs, can be equipped for 
    • current loops 0-20mA,
    • 0 - 10 V DC,

Serial interfaces

  • Parameters can be set via a fibre optics or USB interface

Technical Data


  • Device for panel mounting, Dimensions (WxHxD): 260 x 170 x 100 mm,
  • Weight: approx. 2,2 kg, any installation position, Protection type (built-in) IP 44
  • one-to-one interchangeable


  • Ambient temperature:
    • Storage-20°C ... +70°C,
    • Operation 0°C ... +55°C,
  • Supply voltage switchable
    • 9-12-15V or
    • 14-24-35V DC,
  • Standards/regulations: DIN EN 501780, VDS 2100-22.

General options

  • GSM Modem with antenna and cable 3 m for remote control
  • Connection to other systems, for example via Profibus DP, Modbus or Ethernet
  • Event recorder with protocol and fault printout via an RS 232 interface
  • Additional relay unit RZ 071-D:
    12 relays on RZ 071-D, of which 9 can be parameterised, contact load 250V AC, 6 A
  • Additional relay unit RZ 071-E:
    15 relays on RZ 071-E, of which 14 can be parameterised, contact load 250V AC, 6 A

Order Number

Product Name: KEA 212-72 PA


Article-Number: 2A272P0X00


Product overview