Kombination eines Diesemotors mit einer Photovoltaikanlage

PV Diesel hybrid systems

Diesel gensets are used for many decades for decentralized power supply. The application areas range from single industrial companies up to supply of public grid.

In times of increasing fuel costs the integration of renewable energy producers into decentralized power supply provide an economical alternative. Especially photovoltaic systems with reducing system costs have moved into focus. The combination of PV systems with diesel generators creates a PV diesel hybrid system using solar power for the existing power supply system. Fuel costs and the CO2- emission reduced significantly.

Kuhse’s scope of supply:

  • Generator control panels
  • Auxiliary drive controls
  • Circuit breaker

Advantages of PV Diesel hybrid system:

  • Short amortization time
  • Low operating costs
  • Flexible and modular extensible
  • Reduction of fuel costs
  • Reduced price increase rate and supply risks