Price adjustments at Kuhse

Temporary contract adjustments to existing master agreements as well as individual contractual provisions due to current disruptions in global supply chains, travel restrictions and sanctions regulations

Dear Business Partner,

In these economically not always easy times, we are nevertheless doing our best to supply you on time and at the agreed price or to provide you with the ordered services. However, the ongoing pandemic and the sad war events in Ukraine have an ever increasing and impossible to predict influence on the purchase prices for our input material and their delivery times. Irrespective of the "force majeure" regulations that apply anyway or the existing regulations in current framework agreements, we must therefore reserve the right in individual cases to make subsequent price adjustments and/or changes to confirmed delivery dates.

We will limit this to absolutely necessary, transparently verifiable individual cases and, as far as possible, announce this to you in good time. Insofar as we are able to avoid or reduce delivery delays due to supply bottlenecks, for whatever reason, by using a procurement alternative that is not cost-neutral, we will inform you in advance at least in the event of significant price deviations.

At present, the entire KUHSE materials management and logistics team is engaged in avoiding subsequent price increases and delivery delays with a high level of additional effort. For this purpose, we also regularly check and qualify new delivery routes and procurement alternatives. In this respect, we do everything in our power to avoid economic damage to our customers as well.

Therefore, please understand that we currently exclude any kind of contractual or other compensation payments, even if these may have been agreed in existing framework agreements. By maintaining your order, you implicitly agree to this temporary regulation with an express waiver of any existing deadline and formal requirements. If you do not accept this regulation despite the obvious, global delivery problems, we unfortunately have to refrain from executing your order at present.

We very much hope that after a hopefully timely de-escalation in Ukraine and a return to stable global supply chains in post-pandemic times, we will again be at your disposal with the usual price stability and delivery reliability.

Kuhse Power Solutions GmbH

signed Thormod Ohm