KEA 3X0 replaces former control models of different manufacturers

The versatile genset control of the KEA 3X0 series replaces many different predecessor models of well-known manufacturers. Ready-made conversion kits are available for conversion to the KEA 3X0.

Overview of former controls replaceable by KEA 3X0

We are pleased to offer you the KEA 3X0 series, a future-proof genset control with a comprehensive range of functions for your grid replacement, CHP and prime power applications. 

Our innovative KEA 3X0 is available in the variants KEA 320 and KEA 350 for simple and complex applications. Depending on the application, the KEA 3X0 is available as a compact controller for front installation or as a rear wall installation with a remote display.
Long-term component availability is ensured by using the latest components from leading manufacturers. With its state-of-the-art hardware and basic software, the KEA 3X0 is approved and language-configurable for all major regions worldwide. 

As an all-round model, the KEA 3X0 replaces many different predecessor models of well-known manufacturers: 

Manufacturer       Control type

Kuhse             KEA 04X, KEA 07X, KEA 1XX, KEA 2XX
Woodward     GCP 30
SEG                 NB1, NB2, NC2, NC3, NDC1, NP1, NP2, NX, PCL, PCM

Ready-made conversion kits are now available for replacing these control models.    

Our experienced service team has already had very good experience with the conversion of various genset control systems to the current KEA 3X0 series.
We would be pleased to support you with the conversion of your existing plant to the current genset control KEA 3X0. We offer you all refit services from a single source, from planning, circuit diagram adaptation, device parameterization to on-site conversion, including commissioning. 

Please contact your contact person for refit offers: Marius Vossels