Cyber Security & CRITIS solutions in power generation plants

Secure your control systems for emergency power systems and power plants against cyber attacks with the Kuhse Cyber Security packages!

Increasing connectivity poses major challenges for the operational security of decentralized power generation plants, especially in critical infrastructures (CRITIS). Previously isolated areas must be secured against cyber attack possibilities and secure environments for Industry 4.0 products and control systems must be created in accordance with the EU Cyber Security Act.

Hacker attacks on the power suppy of critical infrastructures, such as large hospitals, are on the rise and in the past have already led to a temporary loss of emergency power supply with devastating consequences. Companies and facilities, which by definition are not yet part of the CRITIS applications, such as smaller hospitals, are also being affected by cyberattacks at a sharply increasing rate.

Industrial control systems (IACS), 20% of which are used in the energy sector, are increasingly showing vulnerabilities with regard to cyber security.

KUHSE – Your Cyber Security Partner

As a specialist for control systems for Power Plants, Prime Power and Hybrid Power /Microgrid applications, Kuhse is your competent partner for "cyber secure" and CRITIS-compliant control solutions acc. to IEC 62443. For existing plants we provide a Cyber Security Check.

Depending on your needs we support you as

  • Partner in the selection of compliant cyber security components for your control systems
  • Integrator on subsystem level for the electrical equipment of your power plant
  • Consultant for compliant plant operation and
  • Maintenance partner for your control systems

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