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Dr. Burghard Herrmann

Kerstin Rieckmann
Assistant to the CEO

Finance and Administration

Reinhard Dembski
Head of Finance and Administration

Karin Benecke
Debit and Credit Control

Eva Maria Kaletta
Debit and Credit Control

Sales control technology and switchgear

Thormod Ohm
Head of Sales and Technology

Norbert Reichert
Sales control technology

Stefan Griskiewitz
Sales control technology

Jörg Delbos
Key Account Manager Power Plant Automation

Christine Twesten

Order processing

Rosel Schröder
Order Processing

Julia Benecke
Order Processing

Engineering and Projects

Ole Harnischfeger
Project Manager

Plant Supervision and After Sales Service

Uwe Prüsse

Uwe Prüße
Sales Service

Sabine Timm
Assistant of Division Service

Tobias Dombrowski
Service Manager

Karsten Albers
Service Technician Hotline


Marc-Ingo Grantz
Head of Procurement

Britta Höhncke

Spare parts inquiries

Please send your inquiries for spare parts directly to our service department:


Solenoid inquiries

Please send your inquiries for solenoids directly to the sales department of Kuhse Industrial Components GmbH: